Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports / Archery Applications

Threadlocker for Shooting & Archery

In shooting and archery sports, the security of equipment components is paramount for safety and precision. For archery, it’s vital to firmly attach broadheads or field points to arrow shafts, ensuring they don’t loosen during release. Additionally, consistently locking screws on bow sights is crucial for maintaining sight alignment accuracy. For firearms, recoil can result in scope mount screws loosening; hence, preventative measures should be taken. Accessories such as quivers, stabilizers, and arrow rests need their bolts to be securely fastened. Optics, including scopes and red dot sights, benefit from the application of threadlocker on their securing screws. Furthermore, for firearm enhancements like rail systems, grips, and bipods, it’s essential to lock the screws tightly, ensuring stability during use. Proper maintenance and setup ensure safety and precision in both shooting and archery sports.

Shooting Sports / Archery Applications

Superglue for Archery

In the realm of archery, superglue plays a pivotal role in equipment repair and enhancement. For fletchings, whether they’re feathers or vanes, superglue is ideal for reattaching or mending them to arrows. When it comes to arrow nocks, utilizing superglue ensures they remain firmly aligned with the shafts. For bow sights equipped with fiber optic strands or tritium vials, superglue provides a robust solution for any necessary fixes. When installing peep sights on bowstrings, a dab of superglue can be invaluable for secure placement. Additionally, for general archery equipment maintenance, superglue can be a quick fix for minor damages on bows, sights, and other accessories. Proper application ensures longevity and optimal performance of archery equipment.

Maintenance and Safety

Shooting Sports / Archery Applications

For both maintenance and safety concerning firearms and related equipment, a few best practices are crucial. Firstly, always ensure screws on firearm safety switches are tightly secured so they stay firmly in position. Consistently inspect accessories and components, and when necessary, apply threadlocker to prevent any loosening that might occur with usage. While at the shooting range, minor equipment damages can be swiftly addressed with superglue, ensuring the session continues without hitches. Additionally, in unforeseen situations, superglue can act as a handy temporary solution for minor issues with firearms or other equipment while in the field. Adhering to these measures ensures both operational safety and equipment longevity.

Both threadlockers and superglue can contribute to the stability, accuracy, and safety of archery and shooting equipment. Always follow manufacturer recommendations and guidelines for proper application and usage, especially when dealing with precision equipment and firearms.

Ski and Snowboard Applications

Threadlocker and Epoxy Combo

Unlock the ultimate in gear security with our specialized combination of threadlocker and epoxy, engineered precisely for your ski and snowboard equipment. When it comes to installing binding inserts, a secure and durable connection is non-negotiable. Our combo pack offers the best of both worlds: the threadlocker ensures that the screws remain tightly in place, preventing any loosening due to vibrations or impacts, while the epoxy fills in any gaps, adding an extra layer of structural integrity. Together, they create a bond that’s not only secure but also incredibly durable, giving you the confidence to push your equipment to its limits. Experience the synergy of threadlocker and epoxy in maintaining a rock-solid connection between your binding inserts and your ski or snowboard. Hit the slopes knowing your gear is fortified to the highest standards.

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