We offer two primary types of threadlockers:

Anaerobic Threadlockers cure to form a hard lock when applied to a fastener and installed into a mating metal part. In the absence of air and the presence of metal, a chemical reaction takes places which causes the material to harden, unitizing the assembly. Anaerobic products are not recommended for use on plastic parts, especially thermoplastics, where stress cracking can occur, or in pure oxygen / oxygen rich environments which prevent the product from properly curing.
Vibra-Tite VC threadlockers are soft locking materials which are applied to a fastener and then air dried. Once assembled, the vibration absorbing characteristics keep the fastener isolated and prevent loosening. VC threadlocker can be easily adjusted, removed, and reused. Each VC formulation exhibits varying compatibility with plastics (see table on each product page for details).
  • Locks and seals threaded fasteners
  • Prevents loosening from shock and vibration
  • Performs better than mechanical lockers
  • Alleviates rust-lock
  • Works on metal, wood, a variety of plastics and more
  • For fasteners of any shape or size
  • Works on internal or external threads
  • Once dried on part, can be installed underwater unlike anaerobics

Product Color

  • Black (1)

  • Blue (5)

  • Clear (2)

  • Green (2)

  • Orange (2)

  • Purple (1)

  • Red (10)

Product Break Away Torque (in lbs)

Product Prevailing Off Torque (in lbs)

Product Temp Range High (°F)