VC Series threadlockers are designed to be adjusted, removed, and reused. They utilize a blend of acrylic resins in a solvent base, which are applied to fasteners and dried first, then installed into mating part.

The primary difference between all these products is the solvent carrier. VC-3 is Methyl Ethyl Ketone, VC-4 is Ethyl Acetate, VC-5 is Methyl Propyl Ketone, and VC-6 is Dimethyl Carbonate. Each of these solvents reacts differently when in contact with specific plastics.

• If you have a metal fastener; whether installed into a mating metal or plastic part, we recommend VC-3. 
• However if you plan to use these threadlockers directly on a plastic part, please consult the specifications tables of the liquid products below.

Product Color

  • Clear (1)

  • Orange (1)

  • Red (3)

Product Break Away Torque (in lbs)

Product Prevailing Off Torque (in lbs)

Product Temp Range High (°F)