Bicycle Applications

Threadlocker Bicycle Solutions

When maintaining a bicycle, it’s vital to ensure all components are securely fastened. Bolts on handlebars, grips, brake levers, shifters, and stem are crucial for safety and alignment. Apply threadlocker to pedal threads, bottom bracket components, and suspension bolts to prevent loosening and vibrations. Ensure the seatpost clamps, rack, fender, derailleur hanger, and water bottle cage bolts are tight to avoid slippage, misalignment, and rattling. Proper care ensures optimal performance and safety during rides.

Bicycle Applications

Anti-Seize Bicycle Products

To maintain your bicycle and ensure easy future adjustments, it’s vital to apply anti-seize to various components. Begin with the seatpost, which should receive anti-seize to prevent it from getting stuck inside the frame. The pedal threads can benefit from anti-seize, facilitating smoother removal. Similarly, protect the cassette lockring threads from seizing by applying anti-seize. The bottom bracket threads should also receive anti-seize to ensure effortless removal down the road. Lastly, prevent rust and seizing on the wheel quick release skewers by applying anti-seize to their threads. Proper maintenance prolongs the life and functionality of your bicycle components.

Bicycle Applications

Retaining Compounds

For the optimal performance and longevity of your bicycle components, utilizing retaining compound in specific areas is essential. On the headset bearings, apply the compound to ensure both secure and smooth operation. For press-fit bottom bracket bearings, using retaining compound guarantees proper engagement. The hub bearings can benefit from this compound to eliminate play and enhance performance. Suspension pivot bolts should also receive a coat of retaining compound to keep them from moving. Lastly, to provide additional security, apply the compound to the crankset bolt threads. Proper application ensures your bike’s components remain firmly in place and function seamlessly.

Bicycle Products