• Microbond® Washers

    Microbond washers are dry to the touch adhesives, bonded to a mesh substrate and cut into various sizes. The adhesive in each washer is activated when crushed or sheared under the pressure of the fastener during installation. Microbond washers lock and seal under the head of the fastener, and provide a wide range of benefits when compared to metal lock washers, or even neoprene.

  • Viz-Torque applied to fastener assemblyVibra-Tite Viz-Torque 202 1 oz. Group

    Vibra-Tite Viz-Torque® 202

    Viz-Torque 202 Tamper Detection Marker is an inspection paste used to visually detect torque movement on fittings, assemblies, nuts, bolts and studs. This quick-drying tamper proof marker identifies whether a part has been moved from its original position. Once dried in place, Viz-Torque 202 Tamper Detection Marker is dry and brittle, which allows the material stripe to break, providing proof of fastener tampering or loosening. Viz-Torque 202 has good adhesion to most metals when applied to a clean, dry surface and is available in a selection of highly visible colors.

  • DriveGrip for screw heads

    Vibra-Tite DriveGrip

    Use DriveGrip and throw away your easy-outs, speed outs, reverse drill bits, and other screw extractors. DriveGrip is an anti cam-out fluid made of an inert liquid metallic grit, a drop of which is placed in the recessed head of a fastener before use. Immediately after application you can use your screw driver as normal, but will notice a significant reduction in the amount of effort it takes to prevent the driver from slipping. This is because DriveGrip works by creating additional friction between the fastener head and driver (up to 700% more!). It's so easy to use and so effective that you will be shocked you had never heard of it before.

  • super glue cleaner

    Vibra-Tite 642 Cyanoacrylate Remover

    Used to remove dried Cyanoacrylate adhesives.

  • Thermal Defender® TD-97

    TD-97 is a dry film ceramic coating which is sprayed onto parts to protect them from metal weld spatter. Quick and easy, it can be applied and dried in under a minute and is then ready for immediate use.

  • Thermal Defender® Spatter-Nix®

    SPATTER-NIX is a nozzle and tip coating designed to be the most durable, and effective solution for weld spatter prevention on the market. Spatter-nix is adhered to parts beforehand and can be stored until necessary for use.

  • vibra-tite work pack

    Vibra-Tite Work Pack

    Tackle any job with the Vibra-Tite Work Pack—a convenient, resealable tube containing six high-quality maintenance and repair products. Whether you’re a skilled tradesman, mechanic, or do-it-yourself homeowner, these products are designed to give you the professional results you demand.