• VC-3 Tape

    VC-3 Tape Instant Threadlocker

    VC-3 Tape is a unique patent pending anti-vibration compound designed to prevent fastener loosening. Stretch and wrap VC-3 Tape around the threads of a fastener. VC-3 Tape is ready for immediate use with no drying or curing time required. After installation, a fastener wrapped with VC-3 Tape can be adjusted, removed, and re-used up to 3 times. (For small, fine thread fasteners, use liquid VC-3 Threadmate.)

  • Non-Curing Thread Sealant

    Vibra-Tite 486 Non-Hardening Thread Sealant

    Vibra-Tite 486 Non-Curing Thread Sealant with PTFE is a creamy white paste for general purpose pipe and thread sealing. Typical applications include sealing threaded pipes, pipe fittings and flanges to seal against liquids and gases.