Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate

Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate is one of the most versatile threadlockers available on the market. An alternative to traditional liquid lockers which cure to form a hard bond, VC-3 is a proprietary blend of thermoplastic elastomer resins designed to remain flexible and absorb vibration. The combination of inert/non-reactive amorphous resins creates a tough, semi solid layer inside the threads of a mated joint. VC-3 damps the vibrational energy transferred between the threads of a mated fastener, preventing fastener loosening and loss of clamp load. These unique differences make VC-3 coated fasteners truly adjustable, removable, and reusable.

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What makes VC-3 different?

  • An acrylic polymer that damps and absorbs vibration
  • Will not harden like anaerobic threadlockers
  • Works with metal, wood, plastic (*see table) and more
  • Fasteners are easily adjusted, removed and reused
  • Works on fasteners of any shape or size, from tiny eyeglass screws to large construction bolts
  • Works with internal or external threads
  • Meets low out-gassing specifications (NASA SP-R-0022A, in accordance with ASTM E 595)

Excellent shelf life

Parts coated with Vibra-Tite VC-3 can be stored indefinitely before use.


Adheres to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, most platings, wood, and plastic (see table) screws.

Reliable, powerful lock

With exceptional reliability, VC-3 holds parts in place even during extreme vibration and shock.

Multiple reuses

Using steady pressure and standard hand tools, parts coated with VC-3 can be easily adjusted, removed, and reused.

Minimizes galling / stripping

Since Vibra-Tite VC-3 remains a thick, resilient, viscous resin, its cold flow properties actually minimize galling or stripping of soft threads during reuse.

Underwater installation

Unlike anaerobic threadlockers, VC-3 can be air dried and then installed into a mating part under both fresh and salt water.

Easy to use

Shake well before each use. Apply VC-3 a length of 1 to 1 ½ times the fastener diameter, filling threads 30-50%. Although material will be dry to touch within minutes, allow VC-3 to dry for at least 30 minutes (the longer the better), depending on part size. Fasteners are then ready for assembly or to be stored for later use.


  • From tiny eyeglass screws to huge construction bolts, Vibra-Tite VC-3 is ideal for use on fasteners of any size.
  • Mounting ski / snowboard bindings, plates and inserts.
  • RC models (Drones, Airplanes, Helicopters).
  • Bolts on motorcycles.
  • In addition to supplying user-applied bottles and cans of Vibra-Tite VC-3 for on-the-job application, ND Industries can apply Vibra-Tite VC-3 at any of our regional service centers.

Material Properties

Property Data
Color Red
Solvent Methyl ethyl ketone
Cured form Resilient plastic
Shelf life Bottled: 5 Years from date of manufacture.
Applied: Indefinite.
Chemical resistance Offers resistance to most solvents (acts as a partial corrosion barrier)
Dries for use 10-30 minutes+, depending on part size.
Drying method for bulk production Best achieved using considerable airflow in addition to temperature not exceeding 130˚F
Operational temperature range -65˚F to 165˚F (-54˚C to 74˚C) For other temperature applications, please contact us
Reusability Using steady pressure and standard hand tools, parts coated with Vibra-Tite VC-3 can easily be adjusted, removed, and reused up to 5 times.
Minimizes Galling/Stripping Since Vibra-Tite VC-3 remains a thick, resilient, viscous resin, its cold flow properties actually minimize galling or stripping of soft threads during reuse.
Engagement torque Moderate
Breakaway torque No distinct break; slow, fluid release as material cold flows
Standard coating length 1 to 1 1/2 times diameter
Lead thread requirement None
Thread Fill requirement 30 – 50% of the thread root area
Also Known As Vibra-Tite Formula 3

VC Formula Plastic Compatibility

Note that all VC products are applied and dried on a fastener first. So if your fastener is metal, it can likely be installed into any substrate as the solvent has already evaporated.

Product Solvent Base Evaporation Rate Plastic Compatibility
VC-3 Methyl Ethyl Ketone 3.8 ECTFE, EPDM, FEP, Nylon 6/6, PE, PEEK, PET, PFA, PP, PPS, PTFE, TFE, UHMW
VC-4 Ethyl Acetate 4.2 ECTFE, FEP, FLPE, HDPE*, LDPE*, Nylon 6/6, PEEK, PFA, PPS, PTFE, TFE, UHMW
VC-5 Methyl Propyl Ketone 2.4 FEP, Nylon 6/6, PFA, PP, PPE, PTFE, TFE
VC-6 Dimethyl Carbonate 3.22 ABS, FPM, Nylon 6/6, PC, PE, PEEK, PET, PP, PTFE, PVC, PVDF

*Partial Compatibility

Meets or exceeds the following specifications

Company Name Specification / Part Number
Allied Signal EMS73314, PCS5618
Atlanta Research SP 10234
Delphi (Delco Electronics Systems) Part No. 00047127
Detroit Diesel 9S244
General Dynamics 13233419
Grumman Aerospace GF105VP
Hazeltine Corporation DWG. 260736
Lockheed Martin 11663357, 507-13-410, LMA-ML082B, P5407, P5407-1
Meritor (Rockwell) 005-2308-010
Naval Sea Sys. Comm. 5174855
Northrup Grumman 53352MK
US Army Missile Comm. MIS-28867A
Leco Corporation PRINT # 764-709
Harris Corporation DWG. P30-0013
Lockheed Martin CAGE # 18876
US Army Missile Comm. P5407-1
National Stock # NSN 8030-00-163-5792

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