• Vibra-Tite Viz-Torque 202 1 oz. Group
  • Viz-Torque applied to fastener assembly
  • Viz-Torque tamper detection

Vibra-Tite Viz-Torque® 202

Viz-Torque 202 Tamper Detection Marker is an inspection paste used to visually detect torque movement due to vibratory loosening or tampering of fittings, assemblies, nuts, bolts and studs. This quick-drying tamper proof torque marker identifies whether a part has been moved from its original position. Once dried in place, Viz-Torque 202 Tamper Detection Marker creates a seal for torque movement detection, which allows the dry and brittle material stripe to break, providing proof of fastener tampering or loosening. Viz-Torque 202 has good adhesion to most metals when applied to a clean, dry surface and is available in a selection of highly visible colors.

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Easy to use

Simply apply a single bead of Viz-Torque material across the assembled fasteners and allow to dry. No need to prepare surfaces.

Fast identification

A bright, highly visible colored paste which will fluoresce under black light, making it easy to detect without requiring testing.

Dries quick

Skins over in 20 seconds, dries in 20 minutes and is fully cured in 24 hours. Dry time can be reduced by increasing air flow.


  • Tamper-proof Indicator Paste
  • Bright, highly visible colored paste that dries to a brittle film to create a torque tamper seal
  • Brittle film that easily breaks when assembly has been tampered with
  • Provides instant visual inspection to indicate loss of torque on an assembly
  • Can be used to provide warranty protection against tampering.
  • Fluoresces under UV Light
  • Provides professionally finished look to an assembly
  • Exhibits good adhesion to most metals when applied to a clean, dry surface.
  • Helps quality control by providing warranty management in the event of tampering.
  • Does not easily wash off with water or mild solvents.
  • Compatible with most metals, paints and plastics.
  • Temperature resistant up to 300°F


Why use Viz-Torque?

Once dried in place, Viz-Torque is resistant to environmental elements, but brittle and fragile enough to consistently break in the case of tampering or loss of torque. Early detection of a loose fastener helps prevent collateral damage and limits time and cost associated with repairs.

Color Part Number
Orange 20211
Green 20221
Blue 20231
Red 20241
White 20251
Black 20261
Yellow 20271
Pink 20281