Private Label Program

Guidelines for Private Label Rebranding of Vibra-Tite Products

Are you interested in selling Vibra-Tite products under your own brand name? Companies that wish to pursue private labeling of Vibra-Tite products are required to read the following guidelines and agree to the questions below.

Vibra-Tite, a division of ND Industries, is one of the world’s market leaders in anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, urethanes, and ultra-violet technologies. Our products are marketed and sold to industrial distributors. Therefore, our product labeling is compliant with the industrial regulations of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS).

As the private label company, you are most-knowledgeable about your specific market and therefore best suited to make label design, card design, and content decisions. There are two main markets – Industrial and Consumer / Retail. Each of which has its own label requirements.

INDUSTRIAL MARKET: If you are targeting your private label products to the industrial market, the Safety Data Sheets we will provide to you contain all of the hazard warnings and precautionary statements you will need to be GHS compliant.

CONSUMER / RETAIL MARKET: Should you wish to sell your products to the consumer / retail market, you will need to determine how to make compliant labeling. As an industrial seller, ND Industries does not make consumer/retail compliance labeling decisions for any of our private label customers. If a private label company needs compliance labeling or packaging support, we recommend a 3rd party specialist. If you do not know of a regulatory consultant, ND Industries recommends the company below.


Greg Aylesworth, President / Creative Director,
Buffalo Brothers Studios East, Incorporated
830 West Eleven Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067
Ph: 248-542-0883
Buffalo Brothers Studios East


Label Templates – Our Adobe Illustrator templates contain properly-sized artboards which allow you to design labels that will fit our bottles and tubes.

Blister Card Templates – Our Illustrator templates are sized to match the tooling for our heat seal machine. The templates also identify the location of the blister and product. This eliminates any need for any special tooling.


ND Industries can provide design support and guidance, but the private label company makes the decisions regarding the text and graphics on the label and card for their products. The private label company is responsible for all content on front and back labels, including all warnings and precautionary statements required by the country or countries in which the company intends to sell their product.

Items to consider when designing the label and/or card are:

  • Product features
  • Application instructions
  • Warnings and precautionary statements for consumer and/or industrial markets. Vibra-Tite Safety Data Sheets are available for reference
  • Country of origin. (Most Vibra-Tite products are made in U.S.A. Super glues are made in Japan or Taiwan.)
  • Bar code
  • Product Item Number
  • Artwork Revision Number


One on the reasons why ND Industries is able to offer a low price and minimum order quantity to private-label customers is that we eliminate the markup associated with label and blistercard costs by having the private label client purchase them up front. By doing so, the customer can better accommodate their distribution channels.

ND Industries sends the proposed label artwork to a label printing company, which quotes several different print quantities. ND Industries then forwards the quote to the private-label client to choose the quantity of labels that it will purchase. ND Industries will then invoice the private-label client for that quantity and order the labels.

ND Marketing can provide an upfront cost estimate based on recent label purchases. Once ND Marketing receives final artwork from the private label client, it will be submitted to the label and card printers for an official quote.


All private customers need to provide a 24-hour emergency number for their private label Safety Data Sheets. If the private label customer does not have one, ND/Vibra-Tite can set one up through Chemtrec as an affiliate. Check with your ND Industries representative for the current annual fee charged by Chemtrec. Any price increases will be passed on to the private label customer.

Private label products can provide excellent brand exposure. We hope these guidelines have given you an informative overview of the process. Please fill out the following questions.


Private Label Onboarding Form