Unlike mechanical methods like lock washers or nylon nuts, anaerobic threadlockers provide a seal against liquids and gases and resist vibration and thermal expansion. They are ideal for applications where a flexible, removable, and reliable seal is required.
Using too much can lead to excess adhesive flowing out of the joint, potentially contaminating surrounding areas. It can also make future disassembly more difficult.
Clean threads thoroughly with degreaser or rubbing alcohol. Avoid oils and lubricants.
Anaerobic threadlockers only work on metal, however formulas such as VC-3, or 325 work on both metal and some plastics. Always check product compatibility for your specific materials.
Strengths range from low, which is service removable (Purple), to medium, which is for a strong but removeable hold (blue), to high strength which is permanent and requires heat to remove (red). Choose low for occasional adjustments, medium for general use, and high for critical applications needing permanent hold.