General Questions

Yes, they are formulated to bond a variety of substrates, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.
They are ideal for applications requiring quick assembly, high strength, and durability, such as magnet bonding in electric motors and various industrial applications.
These adhesives consist of two components that cure without mixing. They are designed for bonding various substrates and typically offer fast cure times and high shear strength.
Unlike traditional 2-part adhesives that require mixing before application, no-mix 2-step adhesives are applied as is and then activated with a separate activator, reducing preparation time.
For information about your nearest distributor, please contact our sales team.
Vibra-Tite products can be purchased through an industrial distributor, online, or directly from us.
Yes. Because we have our own R&D and Chemical blending divisions we are able to formulate products to your specific needs as long as the volumes meet our requirements. Please contact our Vibra-Tite sales team to discuss the program.
As a vertically integrated company we are able to control overhead in all aspects of manufacturing. From R&D, to chemical blending and bottling and packaging services, we do it all.
If you need assistance choosing a product, please fill out our product inquiry form. Our R&D Department will review the answers you provide and recommend the appropriate products.
Anaerobic products such as threadlockers and retaining compounds cure in the absence of air. It is necessary to have a sufficient volume of air within the container to prevent the product from hardening.