Product Viscosity (cP) Paste

  • Vibra-Tite 480 Multi-Purpose FBC Thread Sealant

    Vibra-Tite 480 Multi-Purpose – FBC Compatible Thread Sealant with PTFE is designed to lubricate and seal threaded connections. A non-curing and non-toxic formula, Vibra-Tite 480 contains no lead or harmful metals and can be used in potable water systems.

  • Vibra-Tite 566 Gap Filling – For Worn Parts Retaining Compound

    A high viscosity, general purpose, anaerobic retaining compound used for press-fit and tight-clearance, and slip-fit metal applications. Exhibits good temperature and solvent resistance. The product performs on aluminum, steel, plated, stainless steel, and special alloy parts.

  • Vibra-Tite 906 Marine Grade Anti-Seize

    Protects assemblies exposed to fresh and salt water. Works well in high-humidity conditions. Has no metals and is not a marine pollutant. Contains Molybdenum Disulfide for extreme pressure applications. Use in extreme temperatures up to 2,600°F (1,427°C).

  • vibra-tite food grade anti-seize

    Vibra-Tite 908 Food Grade Anti-Seize

    Vibra-Tite Food Grade Anti-Seize is specifically developed for use in applications where incidental food contact is possible. Protects metal parts from seizure, galling, rust, corrosion and heat freeze by adhering to the metal surface. Meets NSF (H1)