Product Viscosity (cP) 900,000

  • Vibra-Tite 427 Medium Strength – Stainless Steel Thread Sealant

    Prevents leakage and loosening from shock and vibration. Particularly suitable for stainless steel.

  • Vibra-Tite 934 Induction Cure Epoxy

    Vibra-Tite 934 is a single-part induction cured epoxy adhesive with excellent adhesion to metal oily surfaces as well as composite materials. Can be used to enhance joint stiffness and joint durability. The high bond strength of this adhesive allows it to replace mechanical fasteners, soldering, brazing, or welding. Requires heat in the range of 120°C to 200°C. Vibra-Tite 934 is non-sagging allowing use with large gaps and on vertical surfaces.