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VC-3 Tape Instant Threadlocker

VC-3 Tape is a unique patent pending anti-vibration compound designed to prevent fastener loosening. Stretch and wrap VC-3 Tape around the threads of a fastener. VC-3 Tape is ready for immediate use with no drying or curing time required. After installation, a fastener wrapped with VC-3 Tape can be adjusted, removed, and re-used up to 3 times. (For small, fine thread fasteners, use liquid VC-3 Threadmate.)

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No cure time required. Simply apply to fastener, install into mating part, and use.


Adjust, remove, and reuse, as needed. Fasteners stay put under vibration but are easily removed with hand tools.


Works on nearly any substrate. Does not require active metals or primers like a traditional threadlocker.

Step 1

Clean fastener by removing dirt and oil.

Step 2

Stretch and tightly wrap VC-3 Tape around the fastener 1.5 to 2 revolutions at the area of engagement.

Step 3

Install into mating part. Ready for immediate use.

VC-3 Tape - Vibration Comparison

VC-3 Tape v. Traditional Anaerobics

Liquid anaerobics cure to a hard, rigid thermoset material that can crack under vibration, be difficult to remove, and damage plastics. VC-3 Tape is compatible with all plastics and metals. It exhibits a continuous resistance to movement, allowing for easy adjustment and removal.

VC-3 Tape v. PTFE Tape

PTFE tape does not prevent loosening. VC-3 Tape provides an excellent seal on threaded piping systems for natural gas and non-potable water, while preventing the piping from loosening.

Industrial Applications

  • MRO
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Assembly Lines
  • Machine Guarding
  • HVAC
  • Natural Gas Sealing

Consumer Applications

  • Lawn Equipment
  • Playground Equipment
  • Firearms and Archery
  • Furniture and Cabinetry
  • Threaded Pipes
  • Household Items

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