• Vibra-Tite Bench Pack

    Bench Pack® 5 is a handy assortment of our most popular threadlockers, a retaining compound, and DriveGrip anti cam-out fluid, in a light weight , plastic container.
    Vibra-Tite 121 – Medium/Removable Strength Threadlocker
    Vibra-Tite 140 – High Strength Threadlocker
    Vibra-Tite 150 – Wicking Grade/Medium Strength Threadlocker
    Vibra-Tite 541 – High Strength Retaining Compound
    Vibra-Tite DriveGrip – Anti cam-out Fluid

  • vibra-tite work pack

    Vibra-Tite Work Pack

    Tackle any job with the Vibra-Tite Work Pack—a convenient, resealable tube containing six high-quality maintenance and repair products. Whether you’re a skilled tradesman, mechanic, or do-it-yourself homeowner, these products are designed to give you the professional results you demand.