Product Shear Strength (psi) CRS: 1,000

  • Vibra-tite 90550 epoxy

    Vibra-Tite 905 Quick Cure 2 Part Epoxy

    Vibra-Tite 905 is a fast setting adhesive that cures at temperatures as low as 41°F/5°C. For bonding and repairing small parts.

  • Vibra-Tite 910G 5-Minute Two Part Epoxy

    A 2-part system forms a strong bond when cured. 4-6 minutes of positioning time and can be handled in 1 hour. Formulated as a gel, which makes it idea for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Green color is the combination of blue resin and yellow hardener. Once correctly mixed they will combine to a green color.