Vibra-Tite 488 Sealing Compound

Vibra-Tite 488 is a thermal reactive paste sealing compound that is used in high temperature and high pressure applications. In the presence of heat, Vibra-Tite 488 will form a mechanical (“mechanical type”) seal. Vibra-Tite 488 does not cement joints together, thus it will not interfere with future repairs of metal-to-metal joints. Vibra-Tite 488 is not affected by thermal cycling.


Vibra-Tite 488 can be used as a gasket dressing to improve the sealing capability of standard gaskets. Vibra-Tite 488 can also be applied to many types of gaskets (including spiral wound) to reseal them, thereby prolonging their useful life. Vibra-Tite 488 can be used as the only sealant on low tolerance metal-to metal joints. Vibra-Tite 488 is applied onto the sealing surface in a complete, uniform, thin coating. The coating need not be very wide, because the product will flow under compression.


  • Ease of application.
  • Achieves seal before full cure.
  • Fast, easy repairs.
  • High pressure tolerance, high temperature tolerance & high chemical resistance.
  • Unaffected by thermal cycling.
  • Improves the sealing capability of standard gaskets.
  • Seals flange irregularities (scratches, warpage, cuts, pits).

Additional information

Temp Range High

600ºF to 1350ºF

Application Temp

500ºF - 700ºF





Shelf Life

2 Years from date of manufacture

SDS / TDS Downloads

Vibra-Tite 488 TDS  Vibra-Tite 488 TDS

Vibra-Tite 488 SDS (US)  Vibra-Tite 488 SDS (US)