Product Full Cure Time 72 hrs

  • vibra-tite polyurethane

    Vibra-Tite 802 Polyurethane

    Vibra-Tite 802 is a 2-component lamination adhesive system based on polyurethane. Vibra-Tite 803 HARDENER is a polyol blend which can be colored with pigment, and Vibra-Tite 802 RESIN is a formulated isocyante with exceptional bonding and sealing properties to provide exceptional adhesion to a wide variety of engineering plastics, metals or other substrates. This system can be used with plural component extrusion equipment, or standard 1:1 meter mix (volumetric) dispensing machines that use static mixers. Its mixed viscosity of ~3500 cps at 75°F allows Vibra-Tite 802 to be spray applied using heavy particle size atomization process.