vibra-tite 207 primer seal
Vibra-Tite VT207 Ammo Sealant


Dual action curing sealant for firearm cartridges

Our UV anaerobic formula allows for surface and sub-surface sealing to ensure the interior components of the cartridge remain dry and free of foreign debris.

How It Works

The low viscosity sealant wicks into crevices and cures anaerobically while the exposed layer of sealant can be cured using a UV light source.

Features & Benefits

  • UV and Anaerobic cure mechanisms
  • Low viscosity, flowable material enables material to seek voids in assembled components
  • Fast UV fixture and tack free times
  • Fluoresces under UV lamps for inspection purposes
  • Flexible with good impact resistance

Colors Available

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Black
  • Gray
vibra-tite 207CLR
vibra-tite 207BLK

Want 207 UV/Anaerobic Bonding & Sealant?