• Repairman's Choice Epoxy Putty Stick Grey Aluminum & black steel
  • Repairman's Choice Epoxy Putty Stick Grey Aluminum
  • Repairman's Choice Black Epoxy Putty
  • Vibra-Tite Epoxy Putty Sticks PS014
  • Vibra-tite Epoxy Stick hardens like steel in 20 minutes

Vibra-Tite PS014 Repairman’s Choice – Fast Weld Epoxy Putty Stick

PS014 Epoxy Putty Stick is an epoxy dough like kit which is activated by hand mixing the material. It cures in 5 minutes and hardens like steel in 20 minutes. It forms a tenacious bond in minutes, even underwater, and may be drilled, filled, tapped, or sanded after 1 hour.

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PS014 performs under temperatures of 250°F continuous and 450°F intermittent operating temperatures.

Available in Underwater White, Aluminum Grey & Steel Black.

  • 2-Part Epoxy Putty
  • General Purpose Repair
  • Sealing for Plumbing
  • Bonds Underwater
  • Automotive Repairs
  • Home Improvements
  • Electrical Repairs

It can mold, rebuild, fill, bond, plug and fix almost anything. Adheres to aluminum, iron, steel, wood, glass, masonry, ceramic and many plastics. Meets Military Specification MIL-S-8802 Class B

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