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Vibra-Tite 801 Urethane

Vibra-Tite 801 is a 1-component liquid adhesive based on polyurethane. It is a moisture-curing, long open time structural assembly system. Unlike contact adhesives, which require the coating of both substrate surfaces, Vibra-Tite 801 requires only a single side. There is no need for additional handling and expensive drying ovens to flash off solvents before engaging the bond.

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Substrate Compatibility
Vibra-Tite 801 is designed to bond well to ABS plastic, PVC (vinyl films), wood, lauan, fiberboard (MDF), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), expanded polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane foam, particleboard, high pressure laminate (HPL), plywood, masonry, stone, ceramic and other surface-treated metals and plastics.

Typical Applications
• Interior & Exterior wall panels
• Architectural and composite panels
• Insulated cooler and cold storage building walls
• RV Motorized & Travel Trailer walls, roofs, & floors
• Manufactured & Modular Housing construction
• Residential & Commercial entry doors
• Lamination of Structural Plastics and metals
• House boat composite wall lamination
• ABS & Vinyl film laminating

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