Vibra-Tite 939 Epoxy Kit

Vibra-Tite® 939 is a clear two component epoxy paste with a relatively long pot life. This formula will bond to a variety of substrates.

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Features and Benefits

  • Clear when used in thin sections
  • Machinable
  • Ambient or elevated cure temperatures
  • 100% solids compound
  • Adhesion to many materials
  • Thick paste to stay in place during cure.

Additional information

Work Life

Mix Ratio

Viscosity (cP)

Specific Gravity

Shear Strength (psi)

Shelf Life

Available Sizes

Competes with

Competes with Loctite® Hysol® EA 0151™ (0151 is a trademark and Loctite and Hysol are registered trademarks of Henkel IP & Holding GMBH LLC, Germany)